Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel course which is carefully designed to help YOUachieve an edge in your career. Whether you are a Student or an experienced business analyst, investment banker, management consultant or project manager, this course offers training in complex Microsoft Excel modules to not only enrich your analytical skills, but also get your work done faster!

Prerequisites Required for Learners

  • Basic level Microsoft Excel knowledge.
  • Anybody who intends wants a head start for more advanced courses in our Microsoft Excel Series.

Who can take this course?

  • Any Student or professional looking to sharpen their skills through Excel in their career
  • Any organization looking to train its employees in complex Excel usage
Course Objectives
  • This course is a complete package of all the various tools and techniques that you require to become an Advanced Excel Expert, including:
  • Using Advanced Charts for enhanced representation of data
  • Using Advanced Conditional Formatting to help you customize your worksheets
  • Using PivotTables + PivotTable Reporting for analyzing data banks, generating summary views, viewing comparisons and identifying patterns
  • Using Power Pivot for smart management of data
  • Running Macros and Introduction to Forms
  •  And much more…..


    • Importing and exporting of XML data
    • Worksheet protection and locking/unlocking of cells
    • Workbook protection, finalization, and encryption of workbook
    • Sharing of workbook and change tracking in a shared workbook
    • Process of recovering unsaved versions of a file
    • Tracing of formula precedents and dependants
    • Data Validation tool and checking common errors in a file
    • Iterative calculation and setting calculation precision
    • Use of single cell and multi cell array formula
    • SUMIFS(),COUNTIFS(), and basic counting functions
    • Statistical and Financial functions
    • Date and Time functions
    • Text, Logical, and LookUp functions
    • Importance of chart and the different types of chart
    • Modification of chart elements, chart area, plot area, and chart axes
    • Formatting of chart title, legend, and gridlines
    • Trend lines and data series
    • Dual axes and chart templates
    • Combination chart, error bars, and data tables
    • Conditional formatting of data using data bars, color scales, and icon sets
    • Sparklines
    • Sorting and filtering of labels and values in a PivotTable Report
    • Slicer for a PivotTable
    • Creation of PivotChart Report
    • Changing of the chart type of a PivotChart Report
    • Analysis Tool Pak
    • Single factor and two factor tool with and without replication
    • Correlation and Covariance
    • Smoothing and F-Test two-sample for variances
    • Random number generation and t-Test
    • Goal seek and What-if analysis
    • Data table and scenario
    • Creating and running a macro
    • Assigning macro to a command button
    • Creation of a custom macro button on the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Macro security
    • Form controls

Course Duration

: 24 hours

Course Fee


Learning Method



  • Instructor lead course with unique training techniques which help you understand and clear your doubts.
  • Practical Sessions which give you hands on practice  sessions.
  • Industry Instructors.

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