Excel Fundamental

Excel is one of the most popular software applications in the world and is used by firms in almost every industry, from pizza parlors to private equity. Companies, educational institutions, and government agencies all use Excel to manage and analyze data, create spreadsheets and reports, print charts, and much more. It’s no wonder why a working knowledge of this spreadsheet software is an essential skill for people who spend part of their workday in front of a computer, even for those that do not necessarily have an accounting or finance-related careers.By taking the course, you can learn Excel and get a leg up on your colleagues and job-seeking competitors, and increase your earning potential


Prerequisites Required for Learners

  • Basic computer and internet skills

Who can take this course?

  • Any Student or professional looking to sharpen their skills through Excel in their career
  • Any organization looking to train its employees in complex Excel usage

Course Objectives

After completion of the course you will gain basic Excel knowledge.You will be able to use math ,statistical ,logic and text functions,organize data by sorting and filtering, effectively present your data in several chart formats and more.



  • Creating and editing a Spreadsheet, working with formulae, modifying spreadsheet layout, printing of a spreadsheet.

      • Basics of Microsoft Excel
      • Elements of Excel
      • Creating and using the workbook
      • Formatting procedure for a worksheet
      • Page and print options
  • Creating cell references, using financial functions, database concepts, sorting and filtering of spreadsheet data, using data forms.

      • Formula
      • Procedure for including functions
      • Use of AutoSum function
      • Use of Conditional Formatting
      • Sorting and filtering of data
      • Present data graphically using charts
      • Create and format the charts
      • Methods of securing and protecting a workbook
  • Creating of charts

      • Create and format the charts
      • Bar, Column, Pie, Scatter, Radar, Area with their uses

Course Duration

: 24 hours

Course Fee

Rs. 5000/-

Learning Method