How to get the sexiest job of 21st century : GoAnalytics in News

By Rathore
In June 25, 2015

We introduce you to the sexiest job of 21st century (As per Harvard Study). Know your chances Now!

Skills required to become a DATA SCIENTIST

1. Love for Data

2. Good Knowledge in Statistics, Simulations, Machine Learning, Forecasting, Programming and have experience with practical challenges of management of Data (Most Data Science aspirants fail because they have done too much of theory but miss on critical real-life problems faced in collection and manipulation of data.)

3. Understanding of Big Data paradigms as well as the presentation layer is required

Courses offered to become a DATA SCIENTIST

IIT Kanpur offers a course on Data Analytics. The course has been launched on Prescriptive Analytics along with various industry experts.

GoAnalytics offers short-term courses in Analytics for college students and young executives.

Also several 2 and 3 years courses are available at other Universities, but they offer more of theoretical knowledge.


Vishal Kehr, CEO GoAnalytics said,” To start a career in Data Analytics, right balance of theory and practice is required. This demands insights from those who have performed analytics at pretty senior level and it is hard to get such people to train. GoAnalytics offers this combination.”

So if you have the ability to solve problems, contribute insights and offer solutions in data science then go ahead and get the Most Sexiest job of the 21st Century.


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